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Whenever people talk about diets and food, eventually the word "calorie" comes up. But do you know what a calorie is?

A calorie is a unit of energy, or more specifically, the amount of energy need to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. Most people think of calories in terms of food, but they apply to anything containing energy. For example, a gallon of gasoline has about 31,000,000 calories - and these are calories you definitely don't want to eat.

However, the calories listed on food packages are not simply calories - they are actually kilocalories (1,000 calories = 1 kilocalorie = 1 food calorie). A can of soda that has 80 food calories actually has 80,000 regular calories, or 80 kilocalories.

The same definition applies to physical activity -- when you read an article that says you burn about 100 calories for every mile you jog, it means 100 kilocalories.

For the purposes of this calculator, "calorie" means "kilocalorie."

Find out how many calories you burn doing your favorite activities. Enter your weight, then enter the number of minutes you do each different activity, click on "Calculate" at the bottom of the form for your personal report.


What is your weight?
Activity and Time in Minutes (Please Fill in given TextBoxes.)
Aerobics - high impact Aerobics - low impact Archery
Backpacking Badminton Basketball - officiating
Basketball - shooting baskets Basketball 1/2 court Basketball full court
Bicycling - Mountain Bicycling - leisure Bicycling 12-14 mph
Bicycling 14-16 mph Billiards Bowling
Boxing - in ring Boxing - punching bag Brush teeth
Calisthenics - moderate Calisthenics - vigorous Canoeing 2 mph
Canoeing 4 mph Chop Wood Coaching - team sports
Cooking Cricket Croquet
Dancing - aerobic, ballet, modern Dancing - ballroom slow Dancing - fast ballroom
Driving Elliptical trainer Fencing
Fishing Football - full contact Football - playing catch
Football - touch Frisbee playing Garden
Golf - carry clubs Golf - cart Handball
Hiking Hockey Horse grooming
Horseback riding - galloping Horseback riding - trotting Horseback riding - walking
Housework Hunting Ironing
Jogging Judo - martial arts Kayaking
Mopping Mowing - push Paddleboat
Painting House Playing Guitar Playing Piano
Racquetball casual Racquetball competitive Raking lawn
Reading Rearranging Furniture Repelling
Rock climbing Rope jumping Rowing Machine - moderate
Rowing Machine - vigorous Running 10 mph Running 12 mph
Running 5 mph Running 6 mph Running 7 mph
Running 8 mph Sex - foreplay Sex - intercourse
Shopping Shovel Snow Showering
Sitting Skateboarding Skating - moderate
Skating - vigorous Ski Machine Skiing - cross country
Skiing - downhill Skiing - water Sledding, toboganning
Sleeping Snowmobiling Soccer casual
Soccer competitive Softball or baseball Stair Step Machine
Standing Stationary Bicycle - moderate Stationary Bicycle - vigorous
Step Aerobics - high impact Step Aerobics - low impact Stretching
Studying Surfing Swimming - moderate
Swimming - vigorous Table tennis Talking on phone
Tennis - doubles Tennis - singles Volleyball - competitive
Volleyball - recreation Walk/run play with kids Walking - up stairs
Walking 2 mph Walking 3 mph Walking 4 mph
Washing car Washing dishes Water Aerobics
Weight lifting - general Weight lifting - vigorous Writing
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