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Welcome to - Window To The Future of Medicine ®    
BUSINESS STRATEGY: core products & services are Interactive, Integrative Health and Disease managements Tools.

As a consumer & Health Professional network, continues to develop the most comprehensive, in-depth collection of Integrative Health products, information and services available on the web.

While the Company provides certain free content and services, its base economic model is being a:

  • Service provider for other major Internet sites.
  • Transactional e-commerce.
  • Premium memberships.
  • Fee-for-service.
Its economic model takes advantage of effective one-to-one relationship building, profiling, and customization of Integrative Health oriented information, products and services for the individual user to maximize the revenue potential of the Company's online membership community. By successfully converting the resulting membership information through data mining, database marketing, and focused advertising, will develop strong revenue streams from subscriber fees, premium content and services, and advertising that will augment ordinary e-commerce revenues. Welcome Center: An introduction to and its services designed to guide the user through's information, products, resources and services, depending on one's needs - General consumers, Health professionals, Executives of Health care, Insurance and Managed care companies.

Site Search: Provides both keyword and concept searching of's content database.

Treatment Outcome based Rating Center: Evidence based Disease Prevention & Management by rating Medicines/supplements and other treatments modalities including adverse effects, precautions, warnings and drug/food/supplements interactions profiles for the Best Outcomes. A base line ranking of the treatment modalities (already available) utilizing meta analysis studies will be provided and patient (customer) based responses will be added to rank/rate therapies. The information will then be shared/sold to premium members, Insurance/Managed care companies and other Health care Institutions

Health and Disease Assessment Center: An interactive Health center will include the Integrative Health assessment, a personal medical record, and laboratory tests that provide helpful information about the user's health. Integrative Health Assessment: developed by Dr. Sudhir Bagga at the Life Science Medical Center a unique interactive health/Disease assessment and management tool that integrates the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine (e.g. Ayurveda, Traditional Oriental Medicine - under development).

"The patient's responses to a comprehensive Health questionnaire along with pertinent medical records information are interpreted using proprietary assessment tools to help the consumer manage his/her Health and provide his/her physician/Health professional with a better profile of specific conditions for comprehensive & optimum Health/Disease management. This patient specific information database program provides the most efficient and time saving results, for the best possible Health care, by providing individual Health& Disease management recommendations." Personal Health Record (My Health analysis): will record the results and recommendations from the Integrative Health assessment. This record becomes a crucial profile that allows to recommend supplements & other Health/Disease management choices. Consumers will answer statistically validated severity based Health & Disease questionnaire. Our interactive real time tools will generate health/Disease management options, recommendations and solutions guidelines.

Nutritional Screening: An in-depth nutritional profile, which will result in, a customized dietary recommendations as well as a nutritional program (Phase III).

Content Syndication: Syndicated content products include the Integrative Health Assessment. Markets include online Health sites, the corporate market (both web sites and corporate intranets for employee health), HMOs and other Health care organizations. Act as a service provider to provide personalized Interactive Integrative Health and Disease management content and tools for other sites e.g.,, AOL We will charge them according to the depth of services provided per member (same as pay-per-view model) These services will be: 1. Basic- content only 2. Standard- content and interactive Health/Disease assessment tools 3. Premium- all of the above and Outcome based Health/Disease management (including Medicines/supplements) report cards

Premium Membership Subscriber Fees: Premium membership package ($19.95/month) offers personalized e-Health newsletter with personalized selected topics, Health tips, Natural/Integrative Health articles, mind/body Health exercises, and gender specific-women's, men's or children's Health updates. News stories from Screaming Media will be included along with content from's constantly growing databases. Premium membership will include discounts on the dietary supplement line, selected premium services such as the Medical Cybrarian service, laboratory tests, and shopping in selected stores with our trade partners. Discounts will also be negotiated for the following: Health and fitness newsletter and magazine subscriptions, fitness club memberships, Internet access, computer equipment, as well as travel and dining.

Professional Center: premium membership package ($29.95/month) Subscriber Fees, Product Sales & Courses--for Health professionals involved in Integrative Medicine and those interested in learning more about this field. will charge Health Professionals monthly membership fees to access a package of professional information, services, and discounts focused on Integrative Medicine. The package will include a specialized medical e-newsletter, discounts on business services, telecommunications services, travel, etc. services will also include online referral databases to Health professionals, clinics, hospitals, fitness centers, pharmacies, Health food stores, and other Health and fitness-related centers. These charges could be subsidized by Pharmaceuticals, Managed care and other Insurance companies. Other premium content, research services, and natural Medicine databases will be accessible to members. A Professional Education Center will offer a full range of Continuing Education courses and distance learning certificate programs in Integrative Medicine. FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES:

Although the Company will continue to focus marketing and sales efforts in the U.S. marketplace, it intends to move globally through licensing arrangements into various regions and/or countries of the world e.g., France, Germany, England, India, Pacific Rim countries. This will allow the Company to take advantage of the highest acceptance of Integrative/alternative Medicine and extend its global traffic percentage (currently 14%).


Scienceoflife currently seeks a strategic financial partner to establish itself as a market-leader in the rapidly growing e-Health business arena. Scienceoflife proposes to use the additional funding to accelerate product and services development and further develop infrastructure. The Company intends to provide its investors with liquidity within the first five years of operations. Once's plans for initial growth are in place and in full operation, it will be in a position to offer investors a variety of possible options for selling their interests in the Company.

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