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Health Calculators

Do you know your Body Mass Index, your risk of heart disease or how many calories you burn when exercising? Health Calculators can help you to learn more about your current state of health by providing personalized information regarding some of the common health factors you can figure that out -- and learn more about your health -- by using any of the health calculators listed below.

Height weight Calculators
Body Fat Estimator Body Fat Estimator
Body Mass Index Body Mass Index
Frame Size Frame Size
Ideal Weight Ideal Weight
Lose One Pound Lose One Pound

Clinical Calculators 
Central Vision Test Central Vision Test
COPD Assessment COPD Assessment
Lean Body Mass Lean Body Mass
Coma Scale Coma Scale
Hearing Problems Hearing Problems
Neck disability Scale Neck disability Scale
Panic Disorder Panic Disorder

Women's Health 
Daily Energy Expenditure Ovulation Estimator
Daily Energy Expenditure Pregnancy Due Date
Daily Energy Expenditure Vulnerability to Abuse Screening Scale
Daily Energy Expenditure Waist to Hip Ratio
Daily Energy Expenditure Depressive Condition
Daily Energy Expenditure Instrumental Activities
Daily Energy Expenditure Involuntary Movement
Daily Energy Expenditure Mini - Cog Assessment
Daily Energy Expenditure Mini Nutritional Assessment
Daily Energy Expenditure Performance- Oriented Mobility

Diseases Specific Calculators
Acne Disability Scale Acne Disability Scale
Allergy Testing Assessment Allergy Testing Assessment
Anxiety Testing Assessment Anxiety Testing Assessment
Arthritis Testing Assessment Arthritis Testing Assessment
Asthma Control Asthma Control

General Calculators
Alcohol Dependency Scale Alcohol Dependency Scale
Blood Alcohol Estimator Blood Alcohol Estimator
Death Risk Assessment Death Risk Assessment
Depressive Condition Depressive Condition
HIV Assessment HIV Assessment
Necotine Dependency Scale Necotine Dependency Scale
Sexual Orientation Assessment Sexual Orientation Assessment
Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Assessment Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Assessment
Target Heart Rate Target Heart Rate

Cardiac Calculators  
Calories Burned Estimator Calories Burned Estimator
Daily Calorie Requirements Daily Calorie Requirements
Daily Energy Expenditure Daily Energy Expenditure

Men's Health  
Prostate Check Prostate Check

Major Topics
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