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Arthritis Testing Questionnaire, scale, calculator, screening test
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Unanswered Questions will be Highlighted in Red.
1. Have you noticed any deformity in your hands or feet?
2. Do you experience fatigue beyond what you would consider normal?
3. Did you fall recently?
4. Do you experience low grade fevers?
5. Is your affected joint tender to the touch?
6. Is your joint pain symmetric - affecting the same joint on both sides of the body (i.e. both knees), or is it asymmetric - affecting the joint on one side of the body (i.e. one knee)?
7. Do you have symptoms of psoriasis as well as symptoms associated with arthritis?
8. Do you have generalized, widespread muscular pain?
9. Do you get pain relief from anti-inflammatory medications (i.e. aspririn, ibuprofen, naprosyn etc.)?
10. Are you overweight?
11. Does regular, gentle exercise lessen your pain?
12. Does applying heat or cold to the affected joint relieve your pain?
13. Do other members of your family have arthritis?
14. Do you feel persistent pain in one or more of your joints?
15. Do you feel pain in one or more joints which worsens with movement or activity?
16. Do you feel stiffness in your joints in the morning?
17. Is it possible you injured yourself recently at work or playing sports?
18. Does one or more of your joints appear swollen?
19. Does one or more of your joints appear red or feel warm to the touch?
20. Have you noticed a change in the range of motion of any of your joints?
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