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Unanswered Questions will be Highlighted in Red.
1. Select an age group:
2. Please choose the gender:
3. Body Mass Index (BMI) (weight in kg) / (height in m)2 [Calculate Your Body Mass Index Please CLICK HERE]
4. Have you suffer form diabetes?
5. Cancer (excluding minor skin cancers).
6. Chronic lung disease that limits activities or requires oxygen use at home.
7. Congestive heart failure.
8. Cigarette smoking in the past week.
9. Difficulty bathing/showering because of a health or memory problem.
10. Difficulty managing money, paying bills, keeping track of expenses because of a health or memory problem.
11. Difficulty pushing or pulling large objects like a living room chair because of a health problem.
12. Difficulty walking several blocks because of a health problem.
If you're over 50, this test developed for what will be risk of death in next  four years?  Of course, it's not foolproof, but the researchers say it can give you a rough idea of your survival chances. 
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