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The calculator works by simply entering your gender and height and your wrist circumference in the box provided below. For accuracy measure your wrist below your wrist bone. This is the smallest point of the wrist.

Step(1): Select your gender
Step(2): Select your height
 feet    inches
Enter your wrist size
Final Step:

Body Frame Size  refine and define theoretical weights of a person. By determining the frame size, some people will find that they don't need to lose as much weight as they first thought due to the size of their frame.Some may find that they are not in fact big boned and that they need to lose more weight than they had originally thought. The reason for this is that bone structures vary in size and density from person to person and in men and women. The weight of the Bones and the muscle mass can both play a part in determining your optimal weight.

The frame sizes are categorized into three groups: Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame 

Frame size has been a factor used in the past to determine the ideal healthy weight for a person. However, specialists now recommend using a combination of Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat and Lean Body Mass to figure an individual’s ideal healthy weight. Calculators for each of these are available on this site.

However, before starting any diet to lose or add weight, be sure to consult your doctor to discuss what is the best weight for you.


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