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Determine Your Nutritional Health Checklist The nutrition screening is based on these warning sign of poor nutrition:
  • Disease
  • Eating poorly
  • Tooth loss. mouth pain
  • Economic hardship
  • Reduced social contact
  • Multiple medicines
  • Involuntary weight loss or gain
  • Need for assistance in self-care
  • Elderly (age>80 years)
The mnemonic DETERMINE represents the warnig sign and question below. Read the statements below. Check the number in the "YES" coloumn for those that apply to you or some one under your care. For each "YES" answer, score the number in the box. Total your nutrition score.
1. I have an illness or condition that made me change the kind and/ or amount of food I eat.
2. I eat fewer than 2 meals per day.
3. I eat few fruits or vegitables, or milk products.
4. I have 3 or more drinks of beer, liquor, or wine almost every day.
5. I have tooth or mouth problems that make it hard for me to eat. 
6. I don't always have enough mony to buy the food i need. 
7. I eat alone most of the time.
8. I take 3 or more different prescribed or over-the-counter medications per day.
9. Without wanting to, I have lost or gain 10 pounds in the past 6 months. 
10. I am not always physically able to shop, coock, and/ or feed myself. 
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