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What is Clinical Trial ?
What is e-Clinical Trial ?
e-Clinical Trials : Steps
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E-Clinical Trials : Steps
The Milestones for the e-Clinical Trial is summarized as given below:
Step(1): * 
Patient Registration: (User already registered on as general user need not to register again)
Step(2): * 
Brief Past/ Family History: (Regarding your symptom and diagnosis)
Brief Medical History: (Regarding Medicines you have taken)
Self Assessment Questionnaire: (Its Standard Questionnaire for self Assessment regarding your Disease)
General Health Assessment Questionairre regarding the basic constitution of the person (Optional): (Its our special integrative body mind assessment system to assess basic constitution of a person)
Questions of Body System: (Symptoms status regarding body Organ relevant to the Disease) 
Related Lab Test and Investigations: (Chronological Lab Test Values related to Prostate Problems)
Disease QOL Questionnaire (Optional): (its Standard Questionnaire: Quality of Life to the Disease)
General Quality Of Life: (Comparative and General Quality of Life Questionnaire)
Conclude: (Summary, Next Appointment etc)
* Required Only Once
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