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High Blood Pressure and Anaemia in Child
High Blood Pressure
Your child should have blood pressure measurements regularly, starting at around 3 years of age. High blood pressure in children needs medical attention. It may be a sign of underlying disease and, if not treated, may lead to serious illness.

Check with your child's doctor or health care provider about blood pressure measurements.

Your child should be tested for anemia ("low blood") when he or she is still a baby (usually around the first birthday) and also may need anemia tests as he or she gets older. Anemia may cause your child to grow slowly, tire easily, and get infections more often. Anemia in children is usually caused by too little iron in the diet. Your child needs to eat iron-rich foods such as meats, green leafy vegetables, and iron-fortified cereals.

Check with your child's doctor or health care provider about anemia testing.

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